Plan and control your projects in cloud computing. Use PERT & CPM methods for process optimization and through automated reporting functions, save time and improve your efficiency.

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Podstawowa wersja aplikacji zakłada możliwość realizacji 3 projektów w tym samym czasie, składających się maksymalnie z 60 zadań, obsługiwanych przez 5 pracowników.

For what purpose can I use the functionality of

The application can be useful in the management of various types of projects. It may be used in the following activities:

  • planning - optimal sorting of tasks being part of the project and the users - workers,
  • organization - delegation of tasks to the people who will be responsible for them,
  • motivating and control - automation of reporting on the implementation of the specific tasks, recognition of current progress and evaluation of potential project delays.

Who may find our solutions useful?

The application is predicted for all, who need to improve the efficiency of management for different type of projects. Such a need may arise in companies leading different kind of economic activity, research units and groups of students working on a project.

To start the application you do not need to be logged. To save the project, however, the registration is already required, which in the basic version is free of charge.